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April Jones news: Machynlleth clock tower lights up in pink as search continues

Written on:October 23, 2023
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Machynlleth clock tower was lit in pink to mark April Jones disappearance

April Jones remains missing for three weeks now and Mid-Wales town Machynlleth’s clock tower has been lit in pink last evening, to commemorate the missing April Jones, indicating that their hope that April may be found has not died down yet.

Hundreds of people gathered at the 24-metre tall clock tower which is a landmark in Machynlleth, mid-Wales. The clock tower was illuminated at 7 pm last night, the time at which April Jones went missing three weeks ago on October 1. The clock tower was lit for 12 hours in pink as it was April Jones’ favourite colour.

The hope of finding April Jones is still on, just as the search for missing April continues. Dyfed Powys Police have appointed 150 specialist personnel to track April Jones. They are scouring through mountainous terrain and checking caves, potholes and mines, often in challenging conditions, in the hope that April may be found soon.

The police say that the search for missing April will continue until Christmas. April’s disappearance caused dismay to the town of Machynlleth, and the entire town joined in the search for April Jones.

There has been no update on Mark Bridger, the 46-year-old man related to April Jones, who has been remanded in custody, charged with April’s abduction and murder.

Mystery of the April Jones missing case refuses to die down as the main accused remains mum. Has a crime been committed? If yes, then where is April Jones body? If no, then where is April Jones? Will Mark Bridger speak up? These questions seek answers desperately. The world is waiting to know where April Jones is, if she’s alive.

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  1. Janet says:

    I think April Jones is dead, with due respect the search operation and everyone involved hoping for her to come back. Its been three weeks and that’s too long.

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