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George Osborne train saga raises questions over MP’s ethics, elitism

Written on:October 22, 2023
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George Osborne reportedly sat in a first-class train coach with a standard ticket on Friday

PM David Cameron’s Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition has faced acute embarrassment over the issue of Chancellor George Osborne in a first-class train coach after buying a standard ticket on Friday.

The office of the Chancellor has clarified that he always meant to pay for the ‘upgrade’ and that an assistant of his had requested a meeting with the train manager to do so.

But George Osborne has been reported to have found himself in a similar scene in May, when he was also ‘apprehended’ with a standard ticket in a first-class wagon.

In May, he is alleged to have declined to pay the upgrade and instead travelled with common commuters in economy class for the remainder of the journey between London and his Tatton constituency in Cheshire.

The George Osborne train saga is sure to raise questions about his elitism, which is disrespectful of the UK masses. Britons are also likely to question the ethics of the Chancellor, who comes from an aristocratic lineage.

In a related development, which is likely to irk British taxpayers enormously, statistics have revealed that more than 25% of the MPs have billed the taxpayers for first-class rail travel in the last year, notwithstanding a supposed prohibition on this practice introduced by governmental directives following the 2009 expenses scandal.

A study of parliamentarians’ expenditures has divulged that 185 MPs had claimed for first-class tickets instead of voyaging in standard class. Those involved consist of Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, Cabinet Office Minister Norman Baker, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, etc.

These statistics are deeply embarrassing for the UK political establishment as the common people are likely to interpret it as a sign of the lack of regard that parliamentarians have for the hard-earned cash of the taxpayers.

Also, the Conservatives have attacked Ed Miliband over divulgements that Labour employs ‘first-class’ travel for its elite. The

Conservatives have referred to this as first-class Labour hypocrisy.
Among the 185 MPs, there are 113 Labourites, 48 Conservatives, 19 Lib Dems, three SNP MPs, etc.

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  1. Veronica says:

    I am losing respect for George Osborne gradually… first was his outrageous comment that workers should forfeit their workplace rights… now this train ticket ‘cheating’…..

  2. Adam says:

    Such elitism and hypocrisy!…. These MPs better buck up and show respect for the common people…. the MPs don’t own us…we have voted them to power….

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