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Human tooth found in Tesco Finest sausages lands Tesco in row

Written on:February 6, 2024
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Tesco has said the human tooth wasn’t there when the Finest sausages arrived in the store initially

A human tooth, reportedly discovered in the Tesco Finest sausages, has appalled a shopper. The dismayed shopper was subsequently offered a £25 voucher in compensation. The shopper in question is Tony Hinds, who was aghast after purchasing the Tesco Finest Pork and Chive bangers at his local eatery in Sheerness, Kent.

The 27-year-old Tony Hinds’ fiancée, Lauren Gooch, found the human tooth in the Tesco Finest sausages. When the fiancée eyed the human tooth, it still had a filling inside, fixed in one of the Tesco Finest sausages. A stunned Tony Hinds has remarked that his fiancée initially believed that the human tooth was a gristle or some hard skin. She understood that it was a human tooth after touching it.

Tony Hinds has uttered that the human tooth in the Tesco Finest sausages irked his fiancée and she was not able to touch a sausage for a month after the incident. The compensation of £25 offered to them, after the finding of the human tooth in the Tesco Finest sausages, annoyed the couple even more.

Tesco has expressed in a statement that it is sorry for any shock caused by the human tooth discovery in Tesco Finest sausages. Tesco has, nonetheless, proclaimed that it has meticulously scrutinised the incident. Its conclusion is that the human tooth was not in the Tesco Finest sausages when it came to the store for the first time. As per Tesco, all its products are tested rigorously during the manufacturing process.

The controversy, involving a human tooth in Tesco Finest sausages, has hit the supermarket giant a few days after horsemeat was detected in Tesco’s value beef burgers. The Tesco horsemeat burger row embarrassed the company and caused its shares to drop.

Meanwhile, Tony Hinds has remarked that he isn’t a greedy male. But a £25 voucher as compensation for a human tooth is unacceptable, voiced the fiancé. He expressed that he desires a reasonable acknowledgement of the human tooth discovery in the Tesco Finest sausages by the company itself.

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  1. Jim Russel says:

    Could this be the results of human sacrifice?

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