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Jimmy Savile scandal inquiries: BBC licence fee payers to shell out millions

Written on:November 27, 2023
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BBC Chairman Lord Patten has said the cost of holding probes into the Jimmy Savile scandal will be high

The Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal will now force the BBC licence fee payers to shell out a bill, which could climb to millions of pounds, as the BBC has to organise two inquiries in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal to go to the bottom of the affair, which has agitated the conscience of the nation.

BBC Chairman, Lord Patten, has been castigated by MPs over the increasing costs of the Pollard investigation and of the broader inquiry by Dame Janet Smith into the BBC culture and attitudes during the time Jimmy Savile worked for BBC as a presenter.

Lord Patten has asserted on Tuesday, before the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, that the cost of conducting these inquiries will be high as several lawyers are connected to these BBC inquiries.

Already £200,000 have been collected on legal counsel for BBC employees, who are presenting evidence to the Pollard investigation, which is delving into Newsnight shelving its investigation into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal.

Lord Patten has voiced that these payments are essential as the BBC had the duty of safeguarding its employees.

Labour MP, Ben Bradshaw, has expressed his fear that this inquiry process will be reduced to an unpalatable mishmash of lawyers, who will only negotiate the drafts of Pollard and alter it.

Lord Patten declared that the BBC is in a thankless position. The corporation has to go through the inquiry processes by giving all its employees the legal rights that they are entitled to and by compensating the employees for legal costs.

The Conservative MP of the aforesaid Commons Committee, Philip Davies, was involved in a verbal war against Lord Patten, who was accused by Davies of being a patsy for the BBC executive. Lord Patten remarked that the ‘patsy’ barb was highly unfair and almost unworthy.

The Pollard investigation into the Newsnight’s botched Jimmy Savile sex abuse investigation will lead to a report in December most likely. Nearly 40 BBC staffers have presented evidence to the Pollard investigation, headed by ex-Sky boss, Nick Pollard.

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