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Leveson Inquiry report likely to propose statutory press supervision

Written on:November 29, 2023
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David Cameron has said he desires cross-party agreement on bettering press regulation

The Leveson Inquiry report, authored by Lord Justice Leveson, is set to be published, which will consist of his assessment of the attitudes, practices and morals of the press. His report, finalised after an inquiry that lasted eight months, is believed to disparage the press in the UK as well as the politicians and the police force.

The Leveson Inquiry heard accounts from victims of UK media intrusion like actor Hugh Grant, singer Charlotte Church and the family of the killed Millie Dowler.

The media has been reporting about the possibility of a schism in the Coalition over the Leveson Inquiry report. The report is broadly expected to recommend some kind of statutory press regulation, supervised by an independent body.

The press is currently self-governed through the Press Complaints Commission (PCC). The Liberal Democrats are believed to be prepared to support such a recommendation of the Leveson Inquiry report. Numerous Conservatives, however, are hostile to the idea of statutory press regulation.

PM David Cameron and Deputy PM Nick Clegg have met to discuss the Leveson Inquiry report. The Leveson Inquiry was established in the aftermath of the phone hacking scandal, involving journalists at the now-defunct News of the World.

On Wednesday, both the PM and Deputy PM were provided advance copies of the Leveson Inquiry report. David Cameron stated to the MPs at the PM’s Questions on Wednesday that he desired to establish a cross-party consensus on enhancing press regulation and on augmenting the ‘unacceptable’ status quo.

David Cameron remarked that he desired an independent regulatory structure that can deliver and in which the population has faith.

Labour chief, Ed Miliband, has asserted his hope that an all-party consensus and an all-party mechanism exist on the issue of press regulation. The Leveson Inquiry report presents a genuine chance for changing the press regulatory status quo.

Nick Clegg has said politicians have to issue a balanced response to the Leveson Inquiry report. He was in support of a powerful, independent and raucous press, which held potent people to account. But the press that defends susceptible and defenseless people is also necessary.

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