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Leveson inquiry: David Cameron-Rebekah Brooks friendship under scrutiny

Written on:November 6, 2023
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David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks…The true extent of their friendship is being questioned

The Leveson inquiry has asked David Cameron to hand over the text messages or emails exchanged between himself and News International’s former chief executive Rebekah Brooks, which covered a range of topics apart from BSkyB. But David Cameron’s advocates have managed to interpret the information in a way that made it unnecessary for him to hand over the communications.

The Leveson inquiry came under fire from Labour’s shadow Justice Minister, Chris Bryant, yesterday when it allowed the Prime Minister to make the discretion about what he interpreted to be ”inappropriate conversations”. Since past few weeks, Chris Bryant had been insisting on the publication of David Cameron’s email exchange with Rebekah Brooks, calling them as “embarrassing and salacious”.

The Dow Street lawyers dodged the handing over of text messages and emails by interpreting Leveson’s request as “full disclosure to Leveson was not necessary because they fell outside the remit of the inquiry.”

Fresh questions on the friendship between David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks were raised after the Prime Minister provided evidence to the Leveson inquiry. David Cameron gave vague answers to most questions. When asked about regularity of his meetings with Rebekah Brooks, his answer was “I don’t think every weekend, I don’t think most weekends, but it would depend.”

However, in post-lunch session, David Cameron changed his stand stating his wife maintained a better diary than he could and said that the correct figure was one weekend in six. This can save David Cameron, if in future, it emerged that Camerons and the Brookses were together far more often, by pushing the blame onto his wife, to avoid further accusation for misleading the Leveson inquiry.

When Rebekah Brooks gave evidence to the Leveson inquiry, she admitted that sometimes David Cameron would send her texts signing off with LoL – for lots of love, until she told him that it meant Laugh Out Loud.

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