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London is best British city for quality of living, says Mercer’s survey

Written on:December 4, 2023
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As per Mercer’s survey, London has quality public services, top-class infrastructure and substantial public transport

London is the best British city with respect to quality of life, as per Mercer’s quality of living survey, which has gone on to voice that Birmingham, Glasgow and Aberdeen follow London as regards quality of life.

Consultancy firm, Mercer, has remarked that London receives this distinction in the Mercer’s quality of living survey because of the immense level of public services that it offers and its substantial public transportation system like the London Underground, buses, railroad services and airports.

Internationally, Mercer’s quality of living survey positions London at 38th spot. But, internationally, London occupies the 6th spot in the infrastructure index on account of its credible infrastructure involving electricity and water supply, transport and communication services.

As per Mercer’s ‘global’ quality of living survey, Vienna, Zurich, Auckland and Munich occupy the first four positions.

In the Mercer survey, as regards the international infrastructure index, Singapore occupies the first position, followed by Frankfurt and Munich. As per Mercer’s senior researcher, Slagin Parakatil, infrastructure in German and Danish cities is among the most advanced in the world, with top-notch airport facilities, global and local connectivity, and an admirable standard of public services.

In accordance with Mercer, infrastructure enacts a significant role in enhancing the quality of living in a city. If the infrastructure of any city undergoes damage, the people of that city would experience crippling hardships, which would worsen the quality of living in that city.

In accordance with Mercer’s ‘global’ quality of living survey, European cities occupy 15 spots among the world’s top 25 cities. Mercer has proclaimed that European cities, generally, have a high standard of living due to improving living standards, top-class city infrastructures and increased stability.

The Mercer survey mentions that the lowest-ranking Western European cities are Athens at 83 and Belfast at 64. Tbilisi in Georgia is the lowest-ranking Eastern European city at 213. Mercer has remarked that economic dissatisfaction, political squabbling and sizable joblessness continue to curse the aforesaid countries.

Mercer’s survey covers 221 global cities and ranks them against New York. The Middle East and Africa have 15 cities in the bottom 20.

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