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Jovan Belcher suicide-murder case: Police release audio tapes of crime scene

Written on:December 4, 2023
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Arrowhead Stadium - The place where Jovan Belcher shot himself

Police are investigating the American football linebacker Jovan Belcher murder-suicide case which involved the Kansas City Chiefs player shooting his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins at their home and then driving to the Arrowhead Stadium, the team’s practice facility and killing himself in front of his head coach Romeo Crennel.

The investigating police of the Jovan Belcher suicide-murder case have released audio communication tapes between first responders investigating the murder-suicide committed by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, reported the Daily Mail. On the audio tape one unidentified first responder said, “I believe out suspect is a Chiefs player. So whoever goes over there (should go) as soon as possible.”

The second responder said, “We do have a confirmed shooting.” On finding victim Kasandra Perkins’ body, the responder described the scene as: “Early 20s female, she’s been shot about three or four times. One to the chest, one to the neck, one to the abdomen. All went through.”

The 47 seconds audio ends with one responder describing the scene at Arrowhead Stadium where Jovan Belcher committed suicide. “I’ve got two coaches, one other employee here, he’s got at least four guys standing there trying to negotiate with him.”

On Friday, Jovan Belcher’s girlfriend Kasandra Perkins had gone out with a girl pal Lynell Diggs to a Trey Songz concert to rewind herself. Lynell Diggs was quoted as saying to the Newsday, ”[Belcher] didn’t want her going out with the baby at home.” He allegedly flew into rage for that reason.

Jovan Belcher’s friends say that alcohol abuse coupled with head injuries and pain killers over a long period of time may have been the cause for deterioration of his mental state.

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