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Met Office forecasts 10 inches snow for weekend, blizzards likely in Essex

Written on:January 17, 2024
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The Norfolk snow has started to decrease Thursday morning, with roads becoming more usable and some schools reopening

The Met Office UK snow forecast has voiced that an additional 10 inches of snow is to fall over the weekend. UK is presently on a ‘level 3’ cold weather alert, with the highest being level 4 (national emergency). The Met Office has discharged an ‘amber severe’ weather warning for east Midlands, the north and southwest, Wales, West Midlands and Humber.

The Met Office has forecast four inches of snow in south Essex on Friday, which means that the frigid snowy weather is set to continue in this part of the country. The Met Office weather forecast for Essex comes with a warning that blizzards are a probability, with snowiness likely to penetrate the region from the southwest on Friday. The Met Office forecast of snowy weather in Essex also says that the snowiness is expected to continue over the weekend.

The Met Office warning, regarding the snowy Essex weather, exists on the Met Office website. The warning elaborates that the snowy weather, forecast for Essex, is likely to generate severe travel disruption, affecting negatively the west in the morning and the east in the afternoon.

Harwich and Braintree in Essex have recorded dipping temperatures of -11C and -10C respectively. Tom Defty, spokesman for the Chelmsford-headquartered Essex Weather Centre, has remarked that the temperature in Basildon had lowered to -4 on Tuesday night, January 15, and to -3 in Southend. Such snowy weather in Essex was fairly uncommon, as per Tom Defty.

Meanwhile, the Norfolk snow, which has caused school closures recently, has commenced to relax on Thursday morning. It has become more comfortable to drive vehicles on Norfolk roads now. Several school closures in Norfolk have been rescinded, with only seven of the area’s schools shut down on Thursday morning, as opposed to 25 on Wednesday. Norfolk schools still closed are Reepham High, Reepham Primary, Sheringham High Academy, Broadland High, Blakeney Primary, Corpusty Primary and Kelling Primary.

The Norfolk weather, however, remains well beneath freezing in most zones, with reports of -8C at Holt. At Cromer, there was a scattering of iciness on the snow this morning, which was melting away rapidly. All accumulations of waste, garden waste and recycling have started across north Norfolk this morning.

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