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Met Office weather forecast: 3 inches of snow predicted in Scotland, England

Written on:January 25, 2024
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Forecasters have predicted a rise in temperatures soon, which could lead to flooding, due to melting snow

The Met Office weather forecast for Friday voiced that several areas of the UK would receive snowfall. The Met Office weather forecast advised the Britons to be prepared for fresh bouts of snow, with the Met Office weather forecast releasing an ‘amber warning’ for much of Scotland, northern and eastern England. The forecast voiced that travel disruption would occur in these areas.As regards the Met Office ‘amber warning’, the weather agency remarked that up to 8cm (3 inches) of snow could pound those zones, where the ‘amber warning’ is in operation. The Met Office weather forecast highlighted that up to 20cm of snow could land in higher areas to the north.

The Met Office weather forecast expressed that snow would touch areas of Scotland during Friday morning. The eastern zones of England would experience snowfall during Friday evening, as per the Met Office snow forecast.

The Met Office snow forecast for Friday has envisaged lusty winds, which will generate drifting and blizzard-like conditions, which are likely to impact higher level roads in the north.

The weather forecast, prepared by the Met Office, has remarked that temperatures are likely to increase at the weekend. The forecasters have cautioned that the slightly warmer climate would bring torrential rain, which could generate inundations when combined with melting snowiness. Meanwhile, the Environment Agency has released two flood warnings for the southwest in anticipation of the swelling of rivers by melting snow.

The UK snow has produced deadly consequences too as a 42-year-old father passed away on Thursday after his vehicle plunged into a river in Derbyshire while he was driving his daughter on the school stretch. The other UK snow deaths include postman, John Bircham, who fainted fatally on Saturday as he was carrying out his rounds in Somerset. Bernadette Lee was detected in a dead condition in the snow in Kent on Sunday subsequent to a nightout.

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