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Protests at Oxford Union against Nick Griffin joining gay parenting debate

Written on:January 18, 2024
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The Oxford Union is a body renowned globally for its first-rate debating sessions on varied topics

Over 50 protesters gathered outside the Oxford Union on Thursday to express their opposition to BNP Chairman and MEP Nick Griffin, who had been invited to the Oxford Union to participate in a debate on ‘gay parenting’ on Thursday. But the Oxford Union invitation to Nick Griffin to propagate his views on ‘gay parenting’ had been revoked by the body on Monday. However, Nick Griffin tweeted subsequently that he would participate in the Oxford Union gay parenting debate on Thursday if he got back from the Parliament.

But the BNP Chairman didn’t attend the debate on Thursday. He tweeted that freezing fogginess in central France has made it too late for him to drop in on the Oxford Union gay parenting debate.

Nick Griffin had previously mentioned in a tweet that, as a life member of Cambridge Union, he had a reciprocal membership. The Oxford Union officials voiced that they would not have prevented Nick Griffin from joining the gay parenting debate on Thursday if he had turned up.

The Oxford Union invitation to Nick Griffin to join the gay parenting debate was cancelled after it appeared that the invitation was given by a Union member, who didn’t have the authorisation to do so. The Union member is now encountering disciplinary action for despatching the invitation to the MEP without permission from the Oxford Union Committee’s President.

Oxford Union protests against Nick Griffin were organised by the Oxford branch of Unite Against Fascism (UAF). The protesters released their ire for Nick Griffin, who is a known opponent of same-sex marriages and homosexuality/lesbianism. UAF detests Nick Griffin as it deems his views on culture, immigration and politics to be fascistic. The demonstrators chanted: “Oxford Union hear us shout, homophobes and fascists out.”

An Oxford Union press release has remarked that it potently disagrees with BNP’s stances and doesn’t desire to be linked to it. Ian McKendrick, Oxford UAF Secretary, has stated that his outfit was against delivering any platform for fascists like Griffin. That would only instigate other fascists to enter the streets dangerously. As per McKendrick, if Griffin turned up, Oxford UAF would try to thwart him from entering.

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