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Nick Clegg to support employee ownership

Written on:July 4, 2023
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Nick Clegg wants more employee-run firms (Image courtesy: World Economic Forum)

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who wants British employees to own their companies, is set to speak in favour of employee ownership at a forthcoming summit in London.

In a move to help people pilot their own boats, David Cameron’s deputy will highlight the normalcy of employee ownership, which is now considered rather privileged. Setting up an Institute for Employee Ownership is also on the cards for the government, it is learned.

“Not everyone wants to set up their own company, but we all know we could; we all know someone else who has. That’s my aim for employee ownership too - another way to be your own boss”, Nick Clegg will say in the government meet.

Referring to figures churned out by Co-operatives UK, the Deputy PM will highlight the tremendous growth rate of firms managed by their own employees. According to the trade body data, companies run by their own employees are on a faster growth course than the UK economy.

It seems that firms like John Lewis Partnership have impressed Clegg and other ministers to push the cause for employee ownership to leverage benefit for the wider economy. Notably, John Lewis Partnership’s profits are handed out among its workers.

The move will be backed by evidence before it is put to practice, Nick Clegg is expected to say. He wants to involve major businesses and employees for their take on the matter, so all parties can reach at a solution that will be in the best interest of the country’s economy.

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  1. Kinell says:

    Go back to sleep Clegg…you are better off

  2. Slapeer says:

    He as never thought why he’s been in government

  3. Garahm says:

    First he should find support for himself in the government

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