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O2 network problems remain unresolved, customers struggle continues

Written on:October 15, 2023
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O2 network problems continue to irk customers

The O2 network problems that surfaced on Friday left 10% of its customers unable to use their phones on Friday. The O2 network was down as one of the network nodes for connecting its traffic had fallen over.

The O2 network remained unavailable for customers to make or receive calls, send or receive texts or use their mobile data for several hours. Although, it took the company just a couple of hours to figure the O2 network problem, the effect was still being felt well into the evening by its customers.

O2 blamed the “rush hour” traffic it always gets in the early evening when many leave work. O2 has assured its affected customers that the mobile operator is working hard to restore normal O2 service as soon as possible.

O2 said it is still working through a small backlog of customers who signed on or changed their subscription plans since the service glitches occurred.

Ruling out the probability of a compensation, O2 said that the fault was not the same as one which brought the O2 network down in July, leading to a 24-hour blackout on O2 network.

When asked if it can assure that the O2 network problems wouldn’t reoccur, O2 read from a statement, “We operate to the highest industry standards and using leading industry infrastructure. We will continue to challenge and assess what further steps we and our infrastructure partners can take to further improve our network performance.”

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  1. Bruce says:

    Its a horrible service. I just bought it and its giving me all kinds of problems.

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