Police consoles Oldham blast victim’s family

Written on:June 27, 2023
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Greater Manchester Police insignia

Humane side to Greater Manchester Police as they stand by Oldham blast victim's family

The death of two-year-old Jamie Heaton in what is suspected to be a gas blast in Buckley Street, Oldham has elicited sympathy from superintendent Neil Evans, who said the police will help the grieving family in whichever way possible.

“His loved ones are absolutely distraught and we will provide them with whatever support we can at what is clearly a very difficult and upsetting time”, the police boss said in a statement.

Asserting that all emergency services are trying their best to mend the damages and rehabilitate those who lost their dwellings in the explosion, Evans said the incident has left the community of Shaw in utter shock.

Trained firefighters and paramedic personnel have been deployed at the site of the explosion and North-West Ambulance Service is working round the clock to assist those wounded, the police said.

The explosion on Tuesday morning demolished three houses, killing the toddler and leaving a number of families homeless. Anthony Partington - resident of one of the damaged buildings - was admitted to hospital with severe burn injuries, local sources informed.

What has complicated the situation further is “some rumours about a potential domestic disturbance in the area” on the day before the blast, the superintendent said, calling on the local people to inform the police just in case they find anything relevant to Tuesday’s blast.

Meanwhile, the rumours have sparked suspicion that there could be some foul-play involved in the toddler’s death. Detectives at the Greater Manchester Police said they are probing the matter for further clues that might unravel any possible connection between the explosion and reports of domestic disturbance the night before.

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  1. Nancy says:

    If a man is suspected to be the culprit in this case, will he get sympathy like the women in Derby fire case

  2. Clint longwood says:

    Oh…what wrong did a two-year-old do….blast was to hide the domestic violence…sick…

  3. Hanry_Carlos says:

    another domestic….family annihilators….sad

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