Gambling racket on Westminster Bridge busted, MPs warn tourists

Written on:June 27, 2023
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Gambling at the heart of London worries MPs

MPs have urged tourists visiting some of the most alluring landmarks in central London to steer clear of a group of con artists who are reportedly running a racket of illegal gambling games on Westminster Bridge to fool unsuspecting people.

There could be as many as nine separate gangs involved in illegal gambling at one of London’s most iconic establishments next to the Parliament building, a report claimed today, revealing that the con men usually trick tourists into playing three card games or fraudulent dice.

What worries the authorities most is the untarnished image of the London city as one of safest places to visit and police is now under pressure to trace the gangs ahead of the London Olympics. Notably, the Summer Olympic Games are expected to pull in millions of foreigners to the country.

Cities of London and Westminster MP Mark Field said several constituents had earlier brought the matter to his notice. He expressed concern that tourists could be very soft targets for trouble-mongers, especially during this time of the year.

The MP indicated that lack of surveillance could be one possible reason for the malpractices going unabated on Westminster Bridge. Limited number of police personnel has made it difficult to scan all parts of London for potential wrongdoings, he added.

“Seven dice games blocking whole pavement on north half of Westminster Bridge. Why do cops allow?”, tweeted MP Eric Joyce.

Cambridge resident Colin Wiles said he saw “eight or nine” gangs comprising “six or seven” members on Westminster Bridge last month. No policemen was seen nearby, even though it was right “under the nose of the Houses of Parliament”, Wiles added.

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