Alleged rape trial of two footballers

Written on:April 12, 2023
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Photo: The Sun

In a bizarre confession to the police, a 20-year-old woman said she got up naked and “confused” in the bed at an inn in Denbighshire, suspecting that she was raped by two footballers.

The case which was being heard at Caernarfon Crown Court learned that in May 2011, the woman had four double vodkas with lemonade, along with a Sambucca shot at a local pub in Rhyl.

After drinking she blacked out and went to a local food outlet where she had pizza. Not being able to clearly “remember” the events of the night, the woman said she ended up at the Premier Inn where she woke up with clothes “scattered around on the floor.”

“I just didn’t know how I got there, if I had gone there with anyone. I was confused and dazed”, she said, adding, “I just wanted to get out of the room and find out how I got there.”

“I felt tipsy but not out of control. I usually drink more than that. I haven’t blacked out before, not being able to remember anything.”

The two footballers, Port Vale defender Clayton McDonald and Wales and Sheffield United Striker Ched Evans, denied accusations of rape, but said they had sexual intercourse with the woman.

However, the prosecution argued that the charges against McDonald and Evans should be treated seriously by the court as the woman was not fit to engage in consensual sexual activities.

The jury heard the case by watching recorded footages of the plaintiff’s confessions to the police.

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