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Rupert Murdoch Twitter comment row: NewsCorp boss apologises to Hugh Grant

Written on:October 19, 2023
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Foot-in-the-mouth situation for Rupert Murdoch as his Twitter comments irk actor Hugh Grant

Latest Rupert Murdoch news is that the NewsCorp boss has withdrawn his twitter comment on Hugh Grant in less than 24 hours on Thursday and apologised to the Music & Lyrics star. The Rupert Murdoch Twitter comment on Hugh Grant suggested that the actor had abandoned his “love child”.

The offensive Rupert Murdoch Twitter comment was, “They don’t get arrested for indecency on major LA highways! Or abandon love child’s”. Hugh Grant, was one among the celebrities who gave evidence on the Leveson inquiry last year and told of the intrusive behaviour of the press towards the mother of his daughter. Hugh Grant had sued journalists at the News of the World in September, claiming that they were intruding his privacy.

Understably, Hugh Grant became furious over his comments and was planning to take legal action. Admitting his folly, Rupert Murdoch apologised to Hugh Grant in his tweet: “Hugh Grant states that he is deeply involved in his daughter’s life - I accept that, regret tweet on the matter. Apologies to both parents.”

The Rupert Murdoch Twitter comment was his second folly in 24 hours after he attempted to explain an earlier tweet in which he used the term “scumbag celebrities”. In this tweet, Rupert Murdoch referred to those who met PM David Cameron to discuss press regulation during the Conservative Party conference.

The earlier Rupert Murdoch Twitter comment said: “Told UK’s Cameron receiving scumbag celebrities pushing for even more privacy laws. Trust the toffs! Transparency under attack. Bad.”

Rupert Murdoch turned defensive for his choice of words and later tweeted, ”I did not say all celebrities were scumbags. Check my tweet. And apology to any who misunderstood.”

Rupert Murdoch has garnered severe backlash constantly for his spur-of-the-moment comments on Twitter since he joined the site on January 1, 2012.

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