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Transport for London idea of road toll to use Blackwell Tunnel may irk Londoners

Written on:October 30, 2023
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Motoring association, AA, has said the road toll idea would stress the already burdened Londoners

Transport for London has announced that the motorists using Blackwell Tunnel will face toll fees of more than £2 to fund a new road junction under the Thames at Silvertown. This new road crossing is a multi-million pound project, which hasn’t satisfied everyone.

Transport for London, Mayor Boris Johnson’s transport organ, has remarked that its objective is to launch road tolls on the existing tunnel, which is currently gratis. The road levy would also function on the new tunnel, which would be the most suitable manner of funding the link between Thamesmead and Beckton.

The motoring organisation, AA, via its representative, Paul Watters, has voiced that motorists would be disgusted by the proposal to bring in charges for the existing crossing.

Paul Watters has expressed that Transport for London must listen attentively to the opinions of drivers. The previous proposal to extend westwards the congestion charge was scrapped due to it being disliked by the drivers. Tolling on the Blackwell Tunnel will be as divisive an issue as that, uttered Watters, who also voiced that the drivers are already hard-pressed by towering fuel costs.

Paul Watters has asserted that London’s businesses and frequent automobile users aren’t desirous of paying for using the Blackwell Tunnel.

Motorists could face higher costs at rush hour or voyage gratis when the traffic volume was low late at night.

Environmental campaigners have denounced the new tunnel, saying that it would create greater aerial pollution, greater noise and more horrendous congestion in East London.

A previous consultation, organised by Transport for London, earlier this year, didn’t mention that tolls would be required to pay for the new crossing.

Green Assembly member, Darren Johnson, has uttered that Mayor Johnson would delight very few Londoners with his announcement that levies would have to be imposed to pay for a new road across the Thames.

Jenny Bates, associated with Friends of the Earth London, has voiced that the Transport for London idea of a road toll is a damaging one and outmoded. London deserves a more state-of-the-art and cleaner transport system.

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  1. Jenson says:

    This is unnecessary….totally senseless charging…..

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