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Flood warnings issued by Environment Agency; downpour across England, Wales

Written on:November 21, 2023
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Drivers have been urged to match their speed with the weather condition by the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency has issued flood warnings and alerts, applicable to southwestern England, with torrential rainfall already creating obstacles in the transport network.

Flood warnings have requested motorists to take greater precautions on roads as overnight heavy rainfall resulted in some drivers jettisoning their automobiles. Public highways in certain parts were inundated, which unsettled the drivers.

Batches of rainfall have travelled across England and Wales in the last 24 hours, which has generated localised deluges.

As part of precautionary measures, the residents have positioned sandbags at entrances to their residences to prevent a repeat of the devastation, which occurred in the UK in October, due to unrelenting downpours.

Numerous schools across southwestern England were compelled to shut down on Wednesday due to the flood warnings and the existing heavy rains. Access roads were impeded in most cases and were rather inaccessible, which thwarted parents and their kids from arriving at schools.

Devon and Cornwall police have expressed that there were reports of standing water on lanes, which could have produced the danger of drivers aquaplaning and losing control of their automobiles.

A spokesman for the police has remarked that the drivers need to modify their braking times suitably in a flood situation. Drivers have to match their velocity with the weather conditions.

The Environment Agency discharged more than 60 flood alerts, 50 of which were in the southwest. 24 flood warnings were discharged for the West Country, which is a graver kind of alert requiring immediate focus.

The police in Dorset have responded to the floods by advising on the constabulary’s page that the people should leave extra time to reach their destination securely.

12 Devon schools and 17 Somerset schools were inoperative on Wednesday as the two counties were terribly damaged by the rainfall.

The police staff in the affected areas has resorted to social networking sites to issue safety suggestions to the communities.

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