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Floods drench south, east England, weather to get colder on Monday

Written on:November 5, 2023
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The UK weather is likely to become colder and dryer on Monday with temperatures averaging 6-7C

Massive zones of eastern and southern England were inundated by torrential downpour on Sunday, with the Met Office discharging a weather warning for heavy rainfall, gusts of over 50 mph and minor inundation.

Julian Mayes, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, has voiced that Plymouth experienced 21 mm of rainfall between 6 pm on Saturday and 6 am on Sunday. Several other areas in southern England underwent a similar amount of rainfall, thereby making Mayes voice that the entire southern England had a highly soggy night. Mayes also uttered that there was moist snowfall in portions of the south and West Country.

The Met Office has cautioned the public that the rain, falling on already soggy ground, may cause minor deluges from either surface waters or rivers.

However, there was a moment worth celebrating as the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run (LBVCR) conquered the wet climatic conditions. Over 500 pre-1905 vehicles had made their way from the capital to the south coast.

The spokeswoman for the LBVCR, Helen Holness, has remarked that the event was conducted in good spirits and all the vehicles commenced to move from the start line in Hyde Park. The vehicles encountered some pools along the route but the vehicles circumnavigated those pools.

Also, forecasters like Julian Mayes have advised the people to wear warm clothes if they intend to participate in a Bonfire Night fireworks display on Monday. Uppermost temperatures will be between 6-9C (43-48F) on Monday, which is a few degrees below average for November. Thus, weather will become chillier as dry and colder climate from the north starts moving southwards, uttered Mayes.

The temperature is likely to drop to 4-5C (39-41F) throughout the UK by evening on Monday.

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  1. Chris says:

    The cool weather is cooler than normal at this time of the year…Global warming at play?….

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