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3 Eritreans arrested in France’s Dunkirk port trying to enter UK illegally

Written on:October 31, 2023
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Border Force uses heartbeat detectors, carbon dioxide probes among others to catch illegal immigrants

Three unlawful immigrants from Eritrea were discovered on Monday in a lorry, laden with coffins, at the northern French port of Dunkirk, as these immigrants were attempting to enter the UK unlawfully through French territory. The UK Home Office has highlighted on Wednesday that the troika were arrested after sniffer dog, Mitzy, detected them hiding in a Bulgarian-registered lorry in Dunkirk.

The Home Office has also remarked that the lorry, which was waiting to board a ferry to the UK, was carrying dozens of boxed-up coffins, heading for a funeral director in Hounslow, west London.

The Eritrean refugees, after being detected, were handed over to the French border police. The lorry was permitted to go to its desired destination.

Paul Morgan, Border Force Director for South East and Europe, has remarked that this unearthing of Eritrean illegal immigrants is uncommon as unlawful immigrants in the past have been uncovered but only in arrays of freight involving dog biscuits and bathtubs.

Morgan has stated that this discovery of Eritrean illegal immigrants shows the commonsensicality of the decision to position Border Force staff in France. This thwarts illegal immigrants from touching the UK soil preemptively.

Various technologies are employed by the Border Force personnel to detect illegal immigrants such as ‘heartbeat detectors’ and ‘carbon dioxide probes’, uttered Morgan.

Immigrants from impoverished African countries like Eritrea and Ethiopia seek a better economic life in Western Europe, for which they attempt unlawful means to enter Western European nations, which has, on occasions, produced disastrous consequences for these illegal immigrants.

Even if they manage to enter a Western European nation illegally, life isn’t a bed of roses for many immigrants, who have to encounter scorn from the indigenous population, which is also in search of jobs that illegal immigrants want.

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  1. Donald says:

    This is an example of a good preemptive operation to defeat illegal immigrants

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