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President Barack Obama starts ‘Twitter fiscal cliff’ drive with “#my2k” hashtag

Written on:November 29, 2023
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Twitter has been one online tool used by the Democrat administration of Barack Obama to converse with US voters

US President Barack Obama has taken his ‘fiscal cliff’ battle against his Republican adversaries to Twitter. The Democrat administration of Barack Obama has been battling against the Republicans over the most judicious way to end the ‘fiscal cliff’ crisis.

The Democrat government, known to be web-savvy, initiated a social media movement on Wednesday, which requests Twitter users to add the “#my2k” hashtag to the messages with examples of what $2000 means to them. $2000 is nearly the amount, which a middle-class family of four, would have to shell out in extra taxes in 2013 if the US Congress is unable to formalise a pact to terminate the looming ‘fiscal cliff’ dilemma.

The ‘fiscal cliff’ crisis consists of nearly $600 billion in tax hikes and federal spending cuts. Barack Obama proclaimed the new ‘Twitter hashtag fiscal cliff’ campaign on Wednesday at a press conference.

Promotions of “#my2k” rapidly proliferated to millions of followers of the White House Twitter account. One of the recipients of the “#my2k” hashtag was Nancy Pelosi, ex-House of Representatives Speaker. Inevitably, “my2k” was one of the trending subjects.

The Republicans have been obstinately opposed to hiking taxes on anyone, including the most opulent Americans. The Republicans have also suggested that there be cuts to the US entitlement programmes like Medicare as a way of balancing the budget deficit. Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats are antithetical to these Republican suggestions.

One Twitter user, Katrina Burchett, has remarked that “#my2k” i.e. $2000 signifies her food for a year, the remainder of her student loan paid off or a complete month of child care. The amount can make or ruin a family, tweeted Katrina Burchett.

Meanwhile, the Republicans like House Speaker, John Boehner, and fellow Republican legislators entered Twitter to share examples, which they hoped would place the accusation on the Democrats for not resolving the fiscal cliff crisis.

Republican Representative Mike Turner has tweeted that the GOP adopted steps in the House this summer to thwart #fiscalcliff and to fend off #my2K tax hikes. @SenateDems and @whitehouse have to act now, tweeted Turner.

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