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Obama-Romney faceoff: US President rejects compromise with Republicans

Written on:November 6, 2023
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Barack Obama urged supporters in his Iowa rally to continue to believe in constructive political change

As the Barack Obama-Mitt Romney fight for the White House nears its conclusion, the incumbent US President participated in a final rally in Iowa on Monday, where he implied that, if he were elected, he wouldn’t compromise with the Republicans even if that meant ‘peace in the US Congress.’

Obama voiced that compromising with the forces of ‘status quo’ i.e. right-wing Republican forces wasn’t bipartisanship. It was, instead, a climb-down to those forces, who had suffocated the US middle class for long. Obama portrayed himself as an uncompromising champion of the middle class

Barack Obama, accompanied by his wife, Michelle Obama, also expressed his gratitude emotionally to all the volunteers, who had assisted his presidential campaign. The President uttered that these volunteers had lived and breathed the hard work of sociopolitical change, which Obama had attempted to implement since 2008.

Meanwhile, this year has been the first time that the Californians have been able to perform ‘voter registration’ online. This electoral reform has been welcomed by election commentators, who have stated that it has been easier for Californians to register or re-register to vote online.

Also, some voting locations have been changed in the states battered by Hurricane Sandy. In Connecticut, as per its Secretary of State, Denise Merrill, two voting locations have been shifted. Bridgeport’s Longfellow School voting place has been shifted to Aquaculture School, 60 St. Stephens Road.

New London’s Ocean Beach polling site has been transferred to Harbour School, 432 Montauk, Ave.

Meanwhile, ex-Denver Broncos quarterback and Heisman winner, Tim Tebow, has urged Twitter supporters of his to turn out on November 6 to vote in support for Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential challenger.

Obama, in the Iowa rally, also voiced that the choice was in the people’s hands after a bruising presidential campaign, which involved both sides spending millions of dollars on political TV ads. Obama requested his supporters to continue to believe in constructive political change, which Obama had promised during his 2008 White House campaign.

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