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Barack Obama victory tweet retweeted over half million times

Written on:November 7, 2023
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Barack Obama has been praised as a successful President by PM David Cameron in a congratulatory message

Democrat presidential candidate, Barack Obama, has emerged as the winner of the US elections 2012. Subsequently, Barack Obama’s victory tweet, worded “four more years’’, has become the most retweeted Twitter post ever. The Obama victory tweet has been retweeted over half a million times since it was posted at 0416 GMT.

The news of Barack Obama’s reelection was greeted with 327,452 related tweets per minute. This statistic is an unambiguous indication of the crucial role that social media is playing in the US in convincing the US voters to vote for or against a particular candidate.

The victory tweet of Obama has been accompanied by a picture of the US President and his wife, Michelle Obama, embraced in a cuddle.

The same photograph of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama has been uploaded to Facebook too, where it has attained the feat of being the most ‘liked’ photo ever on Facebook.

The conservative media outlet, Fox News, in its exit poll summary, has remarked that Barack Obama’s federal response to Hurricane Sandy managed to sway some key voters to his side.

Also, Fox News has uttered that the core Democrat voting constituencies such as Hispanics and Black Americans turned out to vote for Obama in large numbers. The economy was recovering enough to give Obama another chance, felt the US voters, as per the Fox News summary.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s presidential conquest has led to PM David Cameron despatching a congratulatory message to the new US President, in which Cameron has remarked that Obama has been a triumphant President, with whom he desires to work in the future.

Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has voiced that Barack Obama’s conquest of the White House was based on his vision of establishing a more just economy.

David Cameron, currently in a Middle Eastern diplomatic tour, has mentioned that he desires to install an EU-US trade pact, for which he would like to engage with Barack Obama in the coming years. Also, the PM expressed that he wishes to converse with Barack Obama to find a way to resolve the dreadful Syria civil war.

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