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Krim children murders: Suspect Yoselyn Ortega in hospital with severe wounds

Written on:October 29, 2023
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Kevin Krim, the murdered siblings’ Dad, is devastated but wants to be strong for his grieving wife

Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny of New York City, accused of murdering two young children, Leo and Lucia Krim, who were under her care, was experiencing emotional and monetary difficulties for several months before the savage attacks on the two kids in their Upper West Side luxury apartment.

The mother of two kids, Marina Krim, unearthed her babies on Thursday in their apartment’s bathtub with manifold stab wounds. Marina saw Yoselyn Ortega attempting to slash her throat, because of which Yoselyn remained hospitalised on Saturday.

Sources have voiced that Yoselyn Ortega is still in an unresponsive condition, refusing to converse with police or physicians. Yoselyn has still not been charged with the murders of the Krim children.

The family of Yoselyn Ortega, who is of Dominican Republican descent, has been stunned by the developments. Miladys Ortega, the alleged killer nanny’s older sister, has uttered to AP that Yoselyn adored the two dead kids. It was difficult for Miladys to deem that Yoselyn committed such a ghoulish act.

Miladys has expressed that the Krim family had visited her home in the Dominican Republic last February with Yoselyn.

Celia Ortega, Yoselyn Ortega’s sister, has uttered to New York Post that Yoselyn snapped and that what happened to her mind is unknown.

The Krims’ neighbour has said Yoselyn was disintegrating mentally before the attack.

Police personnel continue to investigate the ill-omened apartment for potential clues. Since the murders of the two kids, mourners have placed flowers and other tokens of sympathy in front of the building, in which the luxury apartment existed.

Meanwhile, Kevin Krim, the father of the dead kids, learnt of their eradication en route home from a business trip. Kevin, the VP of CNBC Digital, has revealed his brokenhearted condition to his friends in an email. His father, William Krim, has said Kevin wants to break down but is holding back since he has to be courageous for his distraught wife, who was sedated in the hospital.

Yoselyn Ortega’s 17-year-old son, Jesus, has apparently uttered to Miladys that his mother is blameless. For him, Leo and Lucia were like siblings.

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  1. Franklin says:

    This is a real tragedy… those poor kids have been consumed by this devil killer…

  2. Jimmy says:

    This is a terrible crime… I nearly choked while reading this news…there was a lump in my throat…

  3. Laura says:

    Ghastly act! Cruelty upon children is on the rise.

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