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Hurricane Sandy causes scrapping of many UK flights to US and vice versa

Written on:October 29, 2023
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British Airways

British Airways has had to chop its flights to and from New York, Newark, Boston among others

Hurricane Sandy 2012 has presented difficulties for numerous British travellers, who were going to the US and returning from there to their motherland. Numerous Britons have been stranded on Monday as flights to the US East Coast from Britain and from the US East Coast to Britain have been annulled.

Hurricane Sandy has led to the Heathrow airport cancelling 59 flights overall, made up of 12 arrivals at Heathrow airport and 47 Heathrow airport departures. A spokesman for the Heathrow airport has remarked that this didn’t lead to a commotion at the Heathrow airport.

Gatwick has asserted that it has had no cancellations hitherto. British Airways has had to terminate all its flights to and from New York, Newark, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Sandy, the hurricane, has been labelled as the ‘Frankenstorm’, to emphasise its possible mighty nature, which could have calamitous consequences for the US East Coast in terms of material and human damage, experts fear.

Virgin in America (Virgin Atlantic) has had to cancel its 14 East Coast flights, to and from Boston, New York, Washington and Newark.

The tropical storm Sandy has shut down public transport systems in New York and Philadelphia, which has closed bus and train services, thereby inconveniencing the Britons there.

Britons, scheduled to take internal flights across America, discovered that more than 7000 US flights had been chopped from the schedule. The US carriers, compelled to cancel flights due to storm Sandy, were Delta, US Airways and American Airlines.

A British Airways spokesman has said the other US flights of British Airways were operating ordinarily, with the airline being able to fly to Toronto and Montreal in Canada. The spokesman mentioned that the airline, prior to scheduling tomorrow’s flights, would contact its representatives in the US airports.

Hurricane Sandy 2012 is being observed as a unique storm as it is scheduled to ram a wintry storm moving in from the west and chilly air streaming down from the Arctic. This hurricane Sandy weather, coinciding with a full moon, could produce colossal flooding in New York, with an 11ft wall of water.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Its the worst storm ever. Really scary.

  2. Beatrice says:

    It is a nightmare scenario…one hopes that this weather crisis ends…

  3. Franklin says:

    It is pitiable to be stuck in a foreign nation that is likely to be hit by a hurricane..

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