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Oscar Pistorius girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp’s skull was crushed, say reports

Written on:February 18, 2024
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Subsequent to Oscar Pistorius shooting fatally Reeva Steenkamp, the athlete’s professional commitments have been cancelled

Oscar Pistorius will reemerge in the Pretoria courtroom on Tuesday to participate in his scheduled bail hearing as his defence team is expected to counter the prosecution’s charge that Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in a premeditated manner at his Pretoria residence. City Press newspaper has divulged fresh pieces of evidence connected to the ‘Oscar Pistorius girlfriend shooting’ case. Sources attached to the investigation have revealed that Reeva Steenkamp’s skull was crushed. A blood-soaked cricket bat detected in Oscar’s residence is the central evidence against him, as per the newspaper. The handicapped athlete has been reportedly requested to undergo drug tests by the police.

The case of the South African Paralympic star, Oscar Pistorius, shooting fatally Reeva Steenkamp, has dismayed and anguished the national public. Medupe Simasiku, associated with the national prosecuting authority, has remarked that the police didn’t leak these pieces of evidence to the media. The alleged leaks didn’t necessarily influence the Oscar Pistorius court case as the published evidence might be incorrect, asserted Medupe Simasiku.

Meanwhile, as per City Press, Oscar Pistorius called his father soon after 3.20 am on Thursday, with the son requesting his Dad to come to his residence. When the father emerged at the scene, Oscar Pistorius was allegedly carrying Reeva Steenkamp down the stairs, with her head and arms hanging. The City Press report on the Oscar Pistorius-Reeva Steenkamp shooting case goes on to voice that the model was still breathing and Oscar was attempting to revive her. Paramedics and police personnel emerged at the scene of the crime later, with Reeva being pronounced dead soon.

The report mentions that Reeva Steenkamp was sporting her nightie at that time, with the police detecting her overnight bag and iPad in Oscar Pistorius’ bedroom. The report also divulges that a holster for a 9mm pistol was detected on Oscar’s portion of the bed by the police during inspection. The report revealed that the sources rubbished the theory that Oscar Pistorius shot Reeva Steenkamp mistaking her for a robber. The South African State has a rock-solid case against the adored athlete, was the sources’ assessment.

Meanwhile, Peet van Zyl, Oscar Pistorius’ agent, has verified that all the professional commitments of the athlete, including a UK race, had been annulled so that the double amputee could focus on legal proceedings.

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  1. Bradley says:

    The case becomes murkier..

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