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Oscar Pistorius case timeline: Reeva Steenkamp shooting case gets murkier

Written on:February 20, 2024
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Oscar Pistorius: Innocent victim of tragic circumstances or intentional killer of Reeva Steenkamp?

The tragic case of Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at his home in Pretoria has appalled the South African population, which had hitherto worshipped the successful athlete and regarded him as a source of inspiration for future national sportspersons. The circumstances, surrounding Oscar Pistorius shooting Reeva Steenkamp, are hazy presently, with the defence team of Oscar Pistorius voicing in court that the athlete didn’t murder Reeva Steenkamp intentionally. The prosecution has, however, alleged that Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp in a premeditated mode.

Certain South African newspaper reports have presented the latest pieces of evidence emanating from the investigations. The South African police have denied leaking these evidences to the media but haven’t rejected the evidences. These evidences seem to paint Oscar Pistorius in a negative light and have challenged his defence that he killed Reeva Steenkamp mistaking her for a burglar. As world awaits the truth in Oscar Pistorius girlfriend murder case, questions whether Oscar Pistorius is an innocent victim of tragic circumstances or intentional killer of Reeva Steenkamp grows deeper.

Here is a timeline of the Oscar Pistorius girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp death case:

February 13: Reeva Steenkamp is believed to have entered Oscar Pistorius’ residence between 4 to 5 pm with a cosmetic and overnight bag, indicating that she intended to spend the night there. A few hours later on February 13, Reeva Steenkamp responsed to a tweet from Candy McKenna of Sandton Mini Cooper, who invited Reeva Steenkamp for a cupcake gathering on Valentine’s Day.

February 14: Around 1.30am, neighbours of Oscar Pistorius in Silver Woods Estate informed the police about a noise disturbance coming from the athlete’s house. At 3.20am, gunshots are fired in Oscar Pistorius’ residence, which leads to the police being called by neighbours. Oscar Pistorius requested his father to come to his residence subsequent to Reeva Steenkamp being shot.

As per City Press, Reeva Steenkamp was fired at first in the bedroom of Oscar Pistorius, after which she scurried to the bathroom, where she was shot via the door in her hip, arm, head and hand. She had apparently locked the door of the bathroom. The door, as per City Press, was broken with a bat by the athlete.

Oscar Pistorius supposedly carried Reeva Steenkamp downstairs into the hallway of his residence, where paramedics inspected her condition. Oscar Pistorius’ girlfriend is believed to have been in a nightie then. She was declared dead soon. As per the Sunday Tribune, Oscar Pistorius dialled a buddy and informed her that he had committed an error and that something had gone horribly awry. Some hours later, in the morning, Oscar’s Dad, Henke Pistorius, and his sister emerged at his residence. Oscar voiced to his sister that he had shot Reeva Steenkamp inadvertently thinking that she was a burglar.

In the afternoon on February 14, a coroner’s van departed from Oscar’s house. Oscar Pistorius was transported to Mamelodi Hospital, where his blood is examined. Subsequently, he spent the night at the Boschkop police station.

February 15: Oscar Pistorius emerged in the morning at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court with his lawyers and relatives to participate in the hearing. In the court, he sobbed when the prosecution uttered that they would pursue a premeditated murder charge against him. Oscar Pistorius’ bail hearing is postponed to February 19 by Magistrate Desmond Nair. Pistorius stayed put at Brooklyn police station till then.

February 16: Oscar’s family released a statement denying that he slayed Reeva Steenkamp. On the same day, a reality show featuring Reeva Steenkamp, the law graduate and model, is broadcast. The show was filmed prior to her killing.

February 19: Oscar Pistorius is seen at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court for his bail plea. He wept as his affidavit was read and maintained that he didn’t intend to kill Reeva as he loved her. Just before noon, Reeva Steenkamp is buried in her hometown of Port Elizabeth, where her kith and kin congregated for her funeral ceremony at the Victoria Park Crematorium.

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  1. Derek says:

    The case is truly heartbreaking.. one way or the other…

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