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Richard Briers death: Shakespearean actor’s ‘Good Life’ remembered

Written on:February 19, 2024
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Richard Briers (Right) had blamed years of smoking for his emphysema

Richard Briers, the actor of The Good Life, who died at 79 on Sunday at his London residence due to lung problems, has been flooded by homages from friends and co-stars, who have lauded Richard Briers as a marvelous star worthy of immense praise. Richard Briers, who also gained prominence for his Shakespearean roles, passed away peacefully in his sleep, as per his agent. The actor, who enacted characters in programmes such as Monarch Of The Glen and Ever Decreasing Circles, had recently blamed relentless smoking for his emphysema.

Richard Briers will be remembered fondly for his performance as Tom Good in the BBC1 sitcom, The Good Life. The show was characterised by its endearing simplicity as the storyline centred on a couple, who drop out of the rat race in southwest London, to experience a life of simple self-sufficiency.

Richard Briers’ death has saddened his admirers and supporters. Actress Penelope Keith, who enacted Margot Leadbetter in The Good Life, has gushingly paid homage to Richard Briers, saying that he was a bighearted gentleman and a stupendous actor. One of the traits of his personality, which Penelope Keith regarded as charming, was his self-critical attitude.

Subsequent to the death of Richard Briers, Michael Chaplin, Monarch of the Glen creator, has remarked that Richard Briers was an absolute professional star, who was a lovely, jocular and kindhearted male.

Agent Christopher Farrar, of Hamilton Hodell, has lavishly lauded Richard Briers as a consummate professional. As per Farrar, Richard Briers will be immensely missed as he occupied a unique position in the hearts of many persons.

Richard Briers was initially recognised for his comedic roles in film and TV. He narrated the 1970s children’s cartoon series, Roobarb and Custard, and lent his voice to the animated version of Watership Down. Richard Briers enrolled himself in Sir Kenneth Branagh’s Rennaissance Theatre Company in 1987 and subsequently enacted a number of classical roles. Sir Kenneth has also joined the list of people, who have commended The Good Life actor, voicing that Richard Briers was a national treasure.

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