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London Film Festival opens with Tim Burton’s animation drama, Frankenweenie

Written on:October 10, 2023
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London film festival 2012 will showcase different global cinema to delight the UK public

London film festival, which will be in progress for 12 days, commences on October 10, with the European premiere of Tim Burton’s 3D animation drama, ‘Frankenweenie.’ The London film festival, which is not yet on the same prominence level as the Cannes and Toronto film festivals, will portray more than 220 films and documentaries.

The film gala in the British capital will, nonetheless, permit the Londoners to view the freshest intriguing art house films from diverse nations.

London film festival will be graced by celebrities. On October 18, the Rolling Stones, one of rock ‘n’ roll’s legendary bands, will appear at the London film get-together to advertise a new documentary, ‘Crossfire Hurricane.’ ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ will include some of the famed songs of the Rolling Stones albums historically.

Clare Stewart, the London film festival’s director, has voiced to Reuters that numerous ‘bigger’ films would be screened across the British theatres simultaneously with their débuts at the festival. Clare has expressed the UK audience would possess the chance to eye the ‘red carpet’ action via live satellite.

Clare has expressed enthusiasm as numerous British films would debut at the London film gala at Leicester Square. She has remarked world premieres are significant in one context only i.e. attraction of global media and reach. But film festivals can flourish bereft of world premieres too.

Besides, the Ben Affleck movie Argo would be promoted by the man himself at the festival. Maggie Smith would present herself at the London film festival to promote ‘Quartet’, which is Dustin Hoffman’s directorial debut.

Another movie to be screened at the film festival is ‘Wadjda’, which has been made by Haifaa Al Mansour, who is the first female film director from the ultraconservative Saudi Arabia.

Other films to be showcased at the London film festival include ‘Fill the Void’ from Israel, ‘After Lucia’ from Mexico, ‘Ginger and Rosa’ from Britain, etc.

The film festival closes on October 21 with another European premiere, which is Mike Newell’s adaptation of the memorable Dickens novel, ‘Great Expectations.’

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  1. Liam says:

    I wish the film festival loads of luck…. hope to have an enjoyable time at the venue… I do want to watch some movies….hope that the festival is managed well and that there are no organisational glitches…. …

  2. Oliver says:

    Great… look forward to watching some intelligent movies…..:) ….

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