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London Heathrow airport witnesses arrests of 2 people on terror charges

Written on:October 10, 2023
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The hectic Heathrow Airport in London is regarded as a prime target for terror attacks

Heathrow airport experienced a terror scare on Tuesday as a man and woman, both aged 26, were detained around 8.30 pm, subsequent to their arrival at the famed airport on a flight from Egypt.

The male-female duo was placed in detention on the suspicion of assigning, preparing or provoking actions of terrorism.

Police officers, belonging to the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command, transported the detained duo to a police station in central London, where the pair is under police custody.

The police officers haven’t divulged the identities of the arrested pair or their nationality. But the Met has verified that the police officers were searching two locations in eastern London under the Terrorism Act as a component of their inquiry.

As regards the arrests of the man and the woman, the police force has expressed that the arrests constitute part of an investigation into ‘voyage to Syria to participate in alleged terrorist acts.’

Dozens of Britons are believed to have journeyed to Syria to participate in the ongoing civil war in Syria.

The protagonists of the heartless war in Syria are the Syrian President’s military and the country’s insurrectionists, who desire to overthrow the incumbent President, Bashar al-Assad, who belongs to the minority Shiite community of Syria. Most of the insurrectionists belong to the majority Sunni community of Syria.

Foreign Secretary William Hague has pronounced that the UK was conscious of certain Britons voyaging to Syria to take part in the Syrian uprising. The UK government doesn’t advise such a violent course of action though, stressed Hague.

The war in Syria, which has been truly beastly and repugnant, has extinguished the lives of at least 20,000 Syrians, as per an estimation of the United Nations. An assortment of human rights organisations deems that in excess of 30,000 Syrians have been exterminated in the Syria civil war, which commenced in March 2011, when the Arab world was being engulfed by the tumultuous tides of the Arab Spring.

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  1. Henry says:

    Travelling by airplane is no longer a stress-free experience…. in fact, the tension and insecurity that one feels in an airport, over the possibility of a terrorist hijack, is terrible…….

  2. Solomon says:

    Airports need to receive utmost protection and security from the State….terrorists have targeted the airports previously… they will continue to infiltrate the airports…

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