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April Jones news: Seven-year-old children to provide April Jones case evidence

Written on:October 11, 2023
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Police dog teams continue to scour through the valley to find April

While police continue search for missing April in dilapidated caravan and a quarry near the point where she disappeared with the hope that April may be found there, April Jones updates include that murder suspect of April Jones, Mark Bridger, is related to April’s family, and seven-year-olds will be providing April Jones case evidence in trial of Mark Bridger.

Apparently, Bridger is the uncle of April’s two half sisters. The complex relationship unfolds thus: Bridger became father of two children, Connor and Sophie in the 1990s, with a woman called Elaine Griffiths. During that time, Elaine’s sister Karen had two daughters, Hazel and Abby, with April’s father Paul Jones. Paul Jones eventually married April’s mother Coral. This means that Bridger’s children are cousins to April’s half sisters.

Meanwhile, “a deep forensic search” as stated by Superintendent Ian John was carried out today in a village close to Machynlleth named Ceinws, where teams from Dyfed Powys police were joined by officers from Gwent, South Wales and British Transport Police.

Specialist underwater teams were excavating nearby quarries and potholes while police dog teams continued to scour the same valley to get the good news that April has been found. A stand-alone caravan in woods just outside the village has been cordoned off by the police for several days.

Today, it has also emerged that seven-year-old children will provide April Jones case evidence in the trial of Mark Bridger which is expected to take part next year. The youngsters who have already given video interviews about what they saw, are expected to provide further evidence via video link at the full hearing.

Bridger was remanded in custody to appear at a plea and case management hearing on January 11, 2024 at the same court ahead of a trial later in the year. A pink ribbon, symbolising the hope that April may be found, was tied to railings at the front of the court.

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  1. M says:

    If the kids that saw April get into the car knew the man, why didn’t they say “she got into Mark’s car”?? April had said to her friends (according to reports) “it’s ok I know them” (or words to that effect)..THEM??
    Why is April’s father nowhere to be seen?? Ok he has a degenerative eye disease…but if it was MY child it would not matter if I had no limbs and was blind deaf and mute, I would be doing something…sitting beside my wife in support!!
    Also, if they knew it was Mark Bridger, why arrest him on the spot and not follow him covertly after questioning him (as in when they found him by the side of the road, had they just asked him have you seen her etc etc then track him/watch him covertly)??? He may have lead the police to where he hid her!! IF it was him…

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