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London Tube stabbing suspect convicted, to face lengthy jail time

Written on:October 23, 2023
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The strain of morning rush-hour journeys sometimes causes inexcusably violent behaviour

Ahmed Bero, 23-year-old commuter of the London tube, who gashed a stranger across the face for inadvertently brushing against Bero in a jam-packed carriage, is facing jail.

The stranger in question is Kurrim Buchanan, who was slashed in October 2011 by Ahmed Bero amidst dozens of dismayed commuters on the Bakerloo line during the morning rush hour. This frightening incident occurred between Edgware Road and Marylebone tube stations.

Ahmed Bero took out a craft knife from his pocket and sliced through Buchanan’s clothes prior to slashing him across the cheek. The knife attack was so severe that Kurrim Buchanan underwent a three-inch deep laceration to his face. Buchanan’s friend, Boyd Maynard, was also wounded in this bloody melee.

Judge Daniel Worsley, of the Blackfriars Crown Court, has warned Bero that he faced imprisonment. Bero, who hails from Kent’s Gillingham, was unanimously convicted of implementing the stabbings.

Sentencing has been scheduled for December 3 till which the proceeding has been deferred. The judge has stated that custody is almost inescapable for a man like Bero, who took out a craft knife illegally and employed it with the intent to cause grave bodily harm.

But Bero has been granted bail by Judge Worsley till December 3. But the judge voiced to Bero that bail for him now doesn’t mean that he is going to escape prison time.

Prosecutor Glen Carasco has remarked that Bero responded in an unnecessarily aggressive manner to Buchanan’s unintentional brushing. The court has been told that there was an argument between the two, after which the slashing happened.

The above incident is another reminder of the stressfulness that commuters experience in morning train journeys during rush-hour. On occasions, this stressfulness leads to unjustifiably violent repercussions like in the aforesaid case. It must have been a deeply scary experience for the commuters surrounding the aforementioned incident.

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  1. jay says:

    I would like to make people understand that I have known Ahmed Bero for a few years he did tell me about this incident.I did not see him for a couple of weeks then when I finally saw him again he told me he had been in jail in London. I laughed and said I don’t think so then he explained what had happened. He was on the underground and two men came up to him on the train and tried to steal his laptop, then pulled a knife on him which he then struggled with them and upon receiving injuries himself that the other two men also received injuries while Bero was defending his self. Now I have just found out by a mutual friend that he saw Bero on the news, so I have seen the videos and read the papers CRAP!!!! BERO is a very very nice guy and there is alot of other people in our area that would state the same. Bero struggles with english and I feel that this has had a bad impact on his defence. I would like people to think for their selves on this matter and take my statement in. Bero is a very kind man he is only around 5 feet 4 inches tall why would a man like Bero go onto the underground and start trouble with two men of much bigger stacher as you can see on the tube footage he was carrying a backpack and also in his hand a laptop . the two men involved I believe tried to steel my friends laptop then pulled a knife on him which Bero also got injured by and then he managed to overpower the man and remove the knife and defend himself. There is definitely a miscarriage of justice here, i don’t feel Bero was able to get across in court what happen and I will be making inquiries into the case

  2. Henry says:

    Such aggressive behaviour in crowded trains…really unjustifiable…

  3. Gina says:

    This is so cruel! Hope Buchanan recovers soon.

  4. Edward says:

    I think people are losing tolerance levels. These acts can only be done by people who are off their head.

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