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Energy bills might fall as David Cameron vows cheap deals in new law

Written on:October 18, 2023
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David Cameron is unhappy over the negative impact of rising energy tariffs on UK households

PM David Cameron will apparently compel the energy companies to offer the customers the most inexpensive gas and electricity deals so that the towering energy bills can be stopped.

The chief reason behind the aggressive intention of David Cameron is the decision of the energy companies over the last few days, which involved a sequence of ‘above inflation price’ hikes.

The Conservative PM has been ill at ease over the negative impact of lofty energy bills on household budgets.

Cameron has previously censured energy companies for presenting to the customers a gamut of unique offers and pricelists, which were ‘bewildering’, as per the PM.

Under proposed new laws, customers will not need to shop around for procuring ‘best tariffs.’ Instead, customers will ‘automatically’ receive the most excellent deal.

David Cameron voiced to the UK MPs during PM’s Questions that the Coalition would be legislating to ensure that energy companies present the lowest fares to their customers.

The PM’s intervention in this matter is likely to offer him positive PR as the issue is related to ‘cost of living’ for ordinary Britons.

But there is a possibility that the PM’s proposed legislation will not have the desired repercussion as the energy companies may annul their most ‘inexpensive deals’ if the new law compels every company to be on the same tariff.

Electricity bills are at their highest level of £1,300 per month and are set to be jacked up further as SSE, nPower, British Gas and Scottish Power increased their tariffs.

A source connected to David Cameron has remarked that the PM has decided to take this course of action as energy costs have continued to rise a year after he had organised an ‘energy conference’ to reduce energy bills.

But consumer groups say that Cameron’s plan of ‘simplification’ of tariffs could result in numerous households losing discounts worth up to £130 on standard gas and electricity deals. His plan of fewer tariffs would mean people having to pay their bills punctually, choosing paperless billing, using energy at off-peak times or low consumption amounts. Inexpensive online deals would also be quashed.

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  1. Henry says:

    great…. finally, the Conservative PM showing some concern for the common people’s worries….

  2. Andy says:

    This plan of the PM does have loopholes….there is more to it than meets the eye…

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