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Edinburgh woman dies in Afghanistan suicide attack

Written on:September 19, 2023
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Suicide attack in Kabul on Tuesday killed 12 people, mostly foreigners, including Jeni Ayris

An Edinburgh woman of 46 years, named Jeni Ayris, was among the 12 people murdered on Tuesday due to a suicide bombing in the Afghanistan capital, Kabul.

Jeni Ayris had been residing in Kabul for 14 months and was scheduled to return to Scotland on Friday. She had apparently been operating as the customer relations manager for ACS/BalmOral, an aircraft charter company. She was also the proprietor of the former African cafe and deli, named Ndebele, in Edinburgh. Ayris was originally from South Africa’s coastal city of Durban.

The grisly suicide bombing was implemented close to a minibus transporting foreign workers near the international airport in Kabul. The macabre suicide attack is believed to have been executed to avenge the anti-Islam film made in the US titled, ‘Innocence of Muslims.’

Ayris managed Ndebele for 11 years. The cafe, which terminated its operations in 2008, was located in Edinburgh’s Tollcross zone. Her friends referred to her as a stupendous cook, who loved to entertain people. She was an impassioned sailor, who loved to boat along Scotland’s West Coast.

Her buddy, Richard Kellett, has remarked that he was supposed to meet Ayris on Sunday. Ayris’s employers had revealed to her sister that Ayris had perished on account of a suicide bombing.

Kellett also uttered that Ayris was on her way back from the Kabul airport to her compound when the bloodcurdling suicide attack happened. Kellett had conversed with Ayris about the perils of working in strife-torn Afghanistan.

Ayris’s company has expressed its grief due to her demise as well as the demise of certain other staffers. The company has voiced that its thoughts and prayers are with the kith and kin of the fatalities.

The British Embassy in Kabul has verified that one of the fatalities of the suicide bombing on Tuesday was a dual South African/British national. The Embassy has despatched its empathy to the families of the casualties.

In her ultimate tweet, Ayris had said she wondered what lay before her in Afghanistan this time.

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