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Jimmy Savile scandal timeline: No quick fix for catalogue of sexual offence claims

Written on:November 5, 2023
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Metropolitan Police initiated an ‘official’ criminal investigation into the Jimmy Savile scandal on October 19. Peter Spindler said over 200 possible abuse victims of Savile had been identified.

On October 22, Peter Rippon, the editor liable for annulling a Newsnight film in December 2011 focusing on the Jimmy Savile scandal, resigned. Rippon had earlier blogged about the editorial reasons, which compelled him to axe the film. But the BBC clarified that Rippon’s blog was somewhat unfinished or inaccurate, which led to questions about BBC’s honesty and handling of the scandal.

BBC DG George Entwistle faced a searing interrogation on October 23 at the Culture Select Committee about his conduct. He accepted that the Newsnight film shouldn’t have been shelved.

On October 24, news surfaced that the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, is to reevaluate the Crown Prosecution Service decisions in 2009 not to prosecute Savile.

On October 25, the police divulged that they have found 400 potential victims of Savile’s sexual abuse acts.

Gary Glitter, the former pop star of the 70s, was arrested, questioned and bailed on October 28 in connection with the Jimmy Savile scandal. Savile’s ex-residence in the Scottish Highlands was defaced and emblazoned with abusive slogans.

On November 1, Freddie Starr, the English comedian of yesteryears, was detained by police and bailed vis-à-vis the Savile case.

Two more celebrities connected to this case, whose names have been given to mediator Mark Williams-Thomas by the victims, are likely to be revealed in the coming days by the police.

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  1. sally says:

    Wish he was alive! Would have loved to see him get hanged.

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