Fire fighters save 15 lives in Dundee fire mishap

Written on:April 26, 2023
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Building on fire

Heroes!!...Fire-fighters save 15 people at the Dundee fire (Photo: The Courier)

The Tayside Fire and Rescue fire-fighters successfully rescued 15 people from a five-storey building in Dundee while subsiding a fire that broke out on Wednesday.

The flames were brought under control by Thursday morning. Among those rescued, two of them were treated for smoke inhalation. Major casualties were averted with timely intervention by the fire-fighters, one of whom received minor injuries at the end of the ordeal. Residents of the adjacent tenements were either taken to rest centres or allowed to go and stay with their family and friends.

The fire-fighters said the building was blazing when they had arrived at the scene, with many residents trapped inside their homes, needing to be urgently rescued from the smoke-filled flats.

Using a combination of ladders and two aerial appliances, the fire fighters efficiently rescued all the 15 trapped residents. 50 firefighters along with seven fire engines, two aerial appliances and various support units from across Tayside had been deployed in the area.

Inadequate water supplies were one hurdle which the fire-fighters had to face while undertaking the rescue operation, while the building’s traditional layout was another challenge which they overcame to ultimately save the victims.

Chief Inspector Sandy Brodie of Tayside Police said the cause of the fire was yet to be known, adding that, “At the moment we will retain an open mind about the potential cause of the fire; as in every case of a fire of this nature a joint investigation will take place to try and establish how the fire started.”

The area is cordoned off until police completes their investigation and deemed safe enough for public to return to the area.

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