Landlords evict tenants to cash in on the Olympics

Written on:May 8, 2023
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Londoners may be evicted for upcoming Olympics

As experts predict increased rents in some areas of London, landlords are forcing out tenants from their homes to cash in on the profits off the demand for accommodation during the 2012 London Olympics.

When the BBC spoke to tenants in the East London, they were told that unscrupulous landlords are forcing them out of their flats to make a huge mark up on Olympic lettings, with £350 a week properties being advertised for as much as £6,000.

Homelessness charity Shelter says it has seen several instances in which landlords have told their tenants to leave at short notice or have practically forced them out. The charity fears the situation will get worse as the 2012 Games approach.

“Londoners living in the Olympic boroughs are already suffering from increasingly unaffordable rents, a lack of stability and a minority of rogue landlords who exploit the high demand for homes in the capital”, said Campbell Robb, Chief Executive at Shelter.

Responding to the report of BBC, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister Jack Dromey said, “Rents are rising and tenants face growing abuse from rogue landlords profiteering from the housing crisis and the Olympics.” Dromey blasted the Conservatives over the issue, accusing them to have “labelled protections for tenants as ‘red tape’”.

“Labour would regulate the private rented sector (PRS) to drive standards up and rogue landlords out, protecting tenants and the many reputable landlords. We would also use the bankers bonus tax to build 25,000 affordable homes. This would mean more homes, which are in a better condition with fairer rents for people in the private rented sector”, promised Jack Dromey.

The practice of throwing out tenants was also condemned by the National Landlords Association. The organisation which represents the interest of private residential landlord said landlords who ask tenants to leave their house on short notice are subjected to charges of harassment, even imprisonment.

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