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Truth behind Jimmy Savile Newsnight film shelving needs to be out, says PM

Written on:October 23, 2023
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David Cameron has said the Jimmy Savile disgrace raises grave queries for the BBC

PM David Cameron has remarked that the BBC has grave queries to answer over why it altered its tale over the reasons Newsnight cancelled its investigation into the reprehensible Jimmy Savile scandal.

The departed Jimmy Savile, the ex-DJ and presenter, associated with the BBC, who has been disfigured by sexual abuse allegations against him levelled by hordes of females in the recent Jimmy Savile ITV documentary, has created disquieting queries in Britain about the earnestness and the veracity of the UK media.

David Cameron has expressed that he was perturbed by the BBC’s proclamation that Newsnight’s editor, Peter Rippon, had misdirected the public when he established the reasons for his decision to nullify the investigation into Jimmy Savile’s alleged acts of child sexual abuse.

The BBC Director-General, George Entwistle, had voiced to Rippon that he must resign from his post while a sovereign investigation is implemented into the aforesaid cancellation of the Newsnight investigation in December 2011.

Peter Rippon had inscribed a blog earlier this month, in which he rejected all accusations against Newsnight. The BBC, however, has been compelled to release an elaborate rectification to his blog, which has been labelled by the BBC as incorrect and incomplete in some ways.

The BBC has stated that Rippon’s blog had incorrectly said Newsnight had zero evidence against BBC, even though its reporters were told that Savile mistreated girls on BBC property.

As per the BBC, Rippon had mentioned untruthfully that all victims of Jimmy Savile had talked to the police when, in fact, they hadn’t.

David Cameron, subsequent to his speechification in London, remarked that the allegations against Jimmy Savile have dismayed the UK. There seems to be no termination in sight for this lurid saga.

Thus, every organisation, which was connected to Jimmy Savile, whether it is NHS or BBC, must go to the foundation of this issue to place the truth in public.

Meanwhile, BBC foreign editor, John Simpson, has described the Jimmy Savile scandal as the worst to bedevil the BBC in nearly 50 years.

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  1. Jackie says:

    This whole case sickens me….really!! The lies and half truths…..sickening….

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