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Megan Stammers school staff knew about affair with maths teacher

Written on:September 25, 2023
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Port in Dover from where the pair eloped to France

Missing girl Megan Stammers’ school staff was alerted of her relationship with the married maths teacher Jeremy Forrest seven months prior to the elopement of the pair to France, it has emerged.

After a school trip to Los Angeles in February, friends of 15-year-old Megan Stammers were also said to have been aware of her relationship with 30-year-old maths teacher Jeremy Forrest. They raised concerns regarding the same, after which, Forrest was under investigation for several months, and was likely to face suspension last Friday, a day after the pair fled to France.

It was confirmed through a message sent to a friend of Megan Stammers that the pair had reached France safely.It was apparently the last known contact with her. Meanwhile, worried parents of Megan Stammers - mother and stepfather, Danielle Wilson and Martin Stammers, made an emotional appeal at a news conference held yesterday for her safe return.

Before her elopement with the maths teacher on last Thursday Megan had asked her mother if she could stay overnight at a friend’s house. Her mother said she had agreed and packed her dinner along with some money for school the following day.

But the following morning, her mother received a text message from her school, Bishop Bell C of E in Eastbourne, East Sussex, saying she had not attended class. Investigations took place with the friend that Megan Stammers had said she was staying with overnight. It emerged that Megan had lied and the friend confirmed that.

Interpol, the UK Border Agency, the British Embassy in France and the French authorities are working together to help trace Megan.

Megan Stammers flees to France with love-mate Jeremy Forrest

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