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Mike Morris, ex-Good Morning Britain host, dies due to heart failure

Written on:October 25, 2023
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The widely acclaimed professionalism of Mike Morris played a part in popularising TV-am

Mike Morris, the former TV-am sports presenter, has passed away aged 65 on account of heart failure. Morris gained famousness because of his stint as presenter of Good Morning Britain on Saturdays.

Tributes have flowed for Mike Morris after his demise from his former colleagues like Lorraine Kelly, who has voiced poignantly that Mike Morris would be hugely missed. Kelly, ITV’s Daybreak presenter, has used adjectives of praise like brilliant, generous and delightful for Mike Morris’ personality.

For Kelly, what made Mike Morris stand out was the fact that he didn’t exhibit fussiness or crankiness or hullaballoo over any issue. He made his job look effortless, because of which he was underrated at times.

Mike Morris had entered TV-am in 1983 as a sports presenter. But he rapidly ascended the professional ladder as he subsequently hosted the Saturday edition of Good Morning Britain (GMB), before being promoted to the main daily show in 1987.

Morris commenced his journalistic career with the Surrey Comet, after graduating from Manchester University. He subsequently developed expertise in newspaper sports reporting.

Another memory of Mike Morris, which is memorable, is his interview of the famed Nelson Mandela, the South African Black anti-apartheid icon. Mike Morris had interviewed Mandela during his time on the ITV morning programme. It was a historic interview watched highly as Mandela had just been discharged from prison by the pro-apartheid minority White South African government.

Mike Morris was the ultimate presenter heard on TV-am during its final programme in 1992. His TV-am co-host, Anne Diamond, has paid her tribute to the man, voicing that the Mike Morris popularity was due to his humble persona. He asked ordinary questions to the famous people, which endeared him to the common folks in Britain. Anne remarked that his death saddens her vastly.

Journalist Ian White has uttered that Mike Morris had the terrific ability to conduct every sort of interview, even under extreme pressure. TV-am’s success has to be partly attributed to his professionalism too.

Mike Morris worked for Thames TV, Reuters, United Newspapers and Yorkshire TV as news/sports reporter and editor.

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  1. Chris says:

    Such media personalities remind me of a better and more trustworthy media in Britain…

  2. Ray says:

    balanced presenter….that is what he was…. there was no intellectual arrogance in him…. I loved that about him…

  3. Callum says:

    I loved to watch his shows… he was a good, honest and relatable guy…. really pleasant chap!!! … will miss his presence in the media…..

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