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Morgan Freeman death news is fake, tweets Freeman himself

Written on:October 24, 2023
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Social media has been blamed for not cracking down on death hoaxes targeting celebrities

Morgan Freeman death rumours, which went viral in the recent past, have now led to the legendary Oscar winner frontally addressing this issue albeit in a tongue in cheek way.

The ‘Million Dollar Baby’ star posted a message on Twitter late on Tuesday, in which he stated in a humorous way that he keeps reading news that Morgan Freeman has died. Freeman, who has received umpteen Academy Award nominations for his stellar performances in movies, has tweeted comically that such rumours make him feel like the memorable Mark Twain.

Morgan Freeman has voiced flippantly that he hopes the Morgan Freeman death tales are untrue. Even if the Morgan Freeman death news were correct, the acclaimed actor has tweeted that his ‘afterlife’ seems to be a replica of his life when he was breathing.

Morgan Freeman tweeted that he had travelled to Las Vegas to commence work on the film, ‘Last Vegas.’ This can’t be described as a death penalty, stated Morgan Freeman lightheartedly.

The rationale behind the latest Morgan Freeman death ruse is a sham Facebook community titled, ‘R.I.P Morgan Freeman’, which has been welcomed by a million ‘likes’ so far.

This bogus Facebook community was established in August and is still alive despite confirmations from Freeman’s representative that he is breathing and fine. The representative urged netizens not to believe such hokum news about Freeman.

In September, there was another Facebook page with the same name, which has obtained more than 59,000 ‘likes’ hitherto.

Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy have been the other renowned personalities, who have received the news of their death from social media pages despite the men concerned being very much alive.

Meanwhile, ‘The Last Vegas’, in which Freeman is enacting a character, is a comedic film also starring Michael Douglas and Robert de Niro. The film is scheduled to hit the theatres in 2013.

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