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Ofgem warns UK homes could be out of power by 2015

Written on:October 5, 2023
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Energy creation is a crisis, which recessionary UK is having to tackle

Ofgem has cautioned that the energy creation capacity of the UK is likely to come to an end in the winter season of 2015. The energy watchdog has predicted startlingly that the spare capacity could plummet from the current levels of 14% to merely 3% in the coming three years.

This warning is a pretty serious one, which is sure to unsettle the public of the UK, which is already being plagued by worries over the recessionary climate in the UK.

Clearly, this announcement of Ofgem could lead to higher British dependence on imported gas. This is bound to jeopardise the British self-sufficiency in energy generation as well as cause steep jumps in electricity prices.

Ofgem voiced the reasons behind its discomforting predictions. The primary reason, as per Ofgem, was the shutting down of coal-fired power plants in the UK before schedule. The other reason was European legislation. Both the reasons have combined to trim UK’s energy building capacity.

Understandably, Ofgem has requested the UK government to bring investment in this area to enable more energy to be produced in the country. Energy security had to be maintained, was the gist of Ofgem’s warning.

Ofgem chief executive, Alistair Buchanan, has voiced that the latest energy challenge facing the UK was unprecedented and severe. It is highly essential to attract investment to ensure that Britain receives affordable and environmentally friendly energy supply.

Ofgem also lamented the fact that there was lack of clarity over the UK government’s agenda to refurbish the UK electricity market. Thus, it remains hazy as regards whether newer and cleaner power stations would be constructed in the near future to reduce the yawning energy gap.

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