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Oldham gas explosion accused admits killing toddler Jamie Heaton

Written on:November 28, 2023
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Three days after the gas explosion, tactical aid unit vans were seen on Milnrow Road in Shaw

The Oldham gas explosion accused, a 27-year-old man, admitted to eight charges levied against him including killing of the two-year-old toddler Jamie Heaton and causing damage worth £1.2m to 13 neighbouring houses and surrounding streets in Buckley Street, Shaw.

The Oldham gas explosion took place on June 26, 2012, when the accused Andrew Partington, an unemployed father of six, left his house with gas overnight. Jamie Heaton died while watching TV when the blast levelled several homes in Buckley Street, Shaw. Neighbours found Jamie Heaton’s body in the debris which left his family devastated.

Toddler Jamie Heaton’s father Kenny was out working and his mother Michelle had gone into the backyard to dry out her washing, when the blast occurred.

Andrew Partington, himself succumbed to 40% burns and a broken back as a result of the gas explosion. The accused pleaded guilty through a videolink from prison in the Manchester Crown Court.

The Oldham gas explosion left 12 houses on the street in a debilitated condition. During the investigation it emerged that Andrew Pattington had had a spat with his girlfriend a few hours before the explosion.

During the brief court hearing, Jamie Heaton’s parents sat in the public gallery holding hands. They were flanked by police officers and other members of their family, who wiped away tears as the Andrew Paddington admitted his guilt.

Andrew Paddington was remanded in custody until February 11, when he will appear in court again to be sentenced after the preparation of psychological assessments.

Police consoles Oldham blast victim’s family
Toddler Jamie Heaton dies in gas explosion, man charged with manslaughter


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  1. Michael Doyle says:

    He left his house with gas overnight but did not call 999!but then returned to his house the next morning reported the leak at 10:40 then spent the next 30 minutes unable to find the gas metre where he could have switched the supply off!then managed to cause a spark maybe a suicide spark at just after 9mins past 11am!!!???

  2. Michael Doyle says:

    Two seperated houses numbers 9 and 11 just happen to explode at 9 mins past 11 0′clock !!!???

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