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Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal launched in Chichester, Rotherham

Written on:November 1, 2023
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Poppy Appeal

The Royal British Legion collects cash via the Poppy Appeal to help its ex-servicemen

The Poppy Appeal, an annual military fundraising event that has its roots in the First World War, has been continuing for more than 90 years, which unites the Britons in support of their current soldiers, and in support of those, who sacrificed their lives gallantly during the catastrophic First World War from 1914-1918.

The civilians of the victorious Allied nations wanted to commemorate the gallantry of their soldiers killed on the battlefield during WW 1. The then American War Secretary, Moina Michael, who was motivated by John McCrae’s poem, In Flander’s fields, commenced to sell poppies to accumulate cash for the ex-military service community. Thus, the tradition began in the Allied world.

Thus, Chichester initiated its yearly Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal on October 27. The Appeal coordinator, Ray Carter, uttered that it would be easy to forget Chichester’s honourable connections with the British Armed Forces throughout the history of the UK as the barracks are being shut down and refurbished. The airfields are disappearing, with the Royal Navy in Portsmouth shrinking in size.

But Carter remarked that the citizens of Chichester are known to demonstrate their respect for the British soldiers, who perished in the First World War. As per Carter, the Chichester residents are proud of the UK military and keenly portray their gratefulness to the present serving military and their dependents year after year.

The national Poppy Appeal is supported impassionedly by the Chichester people, beamed Ray Carter. Nearly £40,000 was collected by the Chichester inhabitants and the elected representatives last year for the poppy Appeal.

Over 200 Chichester people will gather cans and 40,000 poppies in hospitals, schools, shops and other sites.

Similarly, Councillor Dave Pickering, the Rotherham Mayor, has initiated the Poppy Appeal in Rotherham on October 29. The Rotherham Poppy Appeal was conducted by the Rotherham, Rawmarsh and Parkgate branch of the Royal British Legion.

Dave Pickering expressed that the Royal British Legion is a terrific organisation, which, through its yearly Poppy Appeal fundraising, has been able to assist practically servicemen and their kith and kin for the past 91 years.

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  1. Walter says:

    The people, who participate in such Appeals, should be proud of themselves….they have paid homage to the war dead….

  2. Willard says:

    The sacrifices of British soldiers during the Great Wars should never be forgotten… we owe our present liberty to their priceless sacrifices…

  3. Joshua says:

    really emotional event this is….I can’t thank the soldiers enough for winning WW 1 against the then German enemy….freedom was preserved by the Allied victory…

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