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£25 million UK tax fraudster tracked in Cyprus

Written on:October 11, 2023
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British fugitive Timur Mehmet spent five years hiding in Cyprus

Sky News has reportedly managed to nab the culprit behind a £25 million tax fraud, Timur Mehmet, 39, who fled from a British prison to Cyprus, and spent five years hiding in northern Cyprus, which has no extradition treaty with Britain.

Sky News has reported that it has tracked the fugitive at a new villa between the mountains and the sea in the resort of Kyrenia. Sky news correspondent Martin Brunt approached the criminal, having recognised him, but Mehmet denied to accept his identity. Then Brunt showed him the “Most Wanted” poster wich led him to admit that its him.

“I am trying to do a deal to return to the UK. People who think I should be serving my sentence will get their wish very soon”, the fugitive Timur Mehmet said dauntlessly. About his decision to serve the sentence, Mehmet said, “I would rather not say what my reasons are.”

Mehmet was the leader of a gang involved in a complex fraud involving the buying and selling of computer parts and gold bullion. The scam, known as a ‘carousel fraud’, involved re-selling of goods several times and claiming VAT which was not passed on to Revenue and Customs. The gang achieved this by setting up a group of bogus companies issuing fake invoices.

Mehmet, along with 20 others, including his uncle Mustapha, were convicted after a string of trials which ended at Northampton Crown Court in 2010. By then, Mehmet had already jumped bail and had been sentenced for eight years during his absence.

Without a trace of remorse on his face, he told the Sky News correspondent, “I was already talking to my lawyer before the Crimestoppers appeal. I am going to resolve this, but I don’t see the benefit in talking to you about it. It’s complicated.”

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