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Jimmy Savile news: Sex abuse inquiry against Late DJ to look at Leeds hospital

Written on:October 11, 2023
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Late Jimmy Savile, despite not being convicted yet, is facing public fury over his sex abuse scandal

Jimmy Savile, the late knighted DJ, whose character has been polluted by revolting sexual abuse allegations against him following the explosive ITV Jimmy Savile documentary, has had to endure terrible ignominy after his death.

The police inquest into the sexual abuse accusations, already launched, will now concentrate on the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI), where Jimmy Savile functioned as a volunteer in the 1960s and 70s.

The LGI will be the target of the Metropolitan Police inquiry as one ex-patient of the LGI, June Thornton, has uttered to BBC that she had eyed Jimmy Savile sexually mistreating a fellow patient at the LGI, who was incapacitated.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT), which has showed readiness to assist the police investigations, has mentioned, via its spokesman, that it is appalled by the grave allegations against Jimmy Savile.

The spokesman uttered that the LTHT was worried as Jimmy Savile had been associated lengthily with the city’s hospitals. The spokesman expressed that the LTHT didn’t get plaints about Jimmy Savile’s demeanor during the period he volunteered for the LGI or was a charity campaigner for the LGI or for any other LTHT hospital.

The Metropolitan Police has elucidated that it couldn’t confirm the particular inquiry lines that it would be pursuing at the LGI.

June Thornton has remarked to the BBC that Jimmy Savile had kissed the abovementioned ‘incapacitated’ patient in her neck and had molested her. June regretted her inability to intervene to stop this molestation. She was highly unwell at the time, leading to her nonintervention during the alleged molestation, which took place in Thornton’s ward.

Subsequent to the lurid Jimmy Savile ITV documentary, there have been scandalous Jimmy Savile jokes online about his ‘demented’ personality.

Also, as another repercussion of this unseemly sex abuse scandal, Royal Armouries International, which possesses Saviles Hall at Clarence Dock, proclaimed that it would rename the Hall to demonstrate respect for UK public opinion, which has been scathingly critical of the Late DJ for his alleged criminal lecherousness.

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  1. Mark says:

    I just hope that the inquiry concludes soon… there needs to be closure on this really sleazy issue…justice needs to be done….also, it needs to be seen whether these women, levelling allegations against Savile, are doing it to get money….

  2. Abraham says:

    This case becomes sleazier as every day passes…If these allegations are true, it is a matter of immense shame for his family….gross!..

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