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Boris Johnson to assail UK government’s aviation policy

Written on:October 4, 2023
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Boris Johnson’s speech to business leaders will show his clout within the Conservative Party

Mayor Boris Johnson, who has had a prickly relationship with PM David Cameron recently over a whole host of issues, could aggravate that relationship further as he is scheduled to speechify on Thursday to business leaders, in which the London Mayor is expected to emphasise the ‘unwarranted’ postponements by the UK government in the formulation of an aviation policy.

The talkative London Mayor, who hasn’t desisted from criticising his fellow Conservative David Cameron on crucial policy matters, is likely to reinforce to business chiefs his call for a Thames Estuary airport project.

The Boris Johnson speech on Thursday will see him pick at the Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition for its refusal to endorse his plan for an airport on an East London island.

Johnson was lately in the news for his barb at David Cameron over the PM’s ‘Magna Carta’ remark to the US news media. Mayor Johnson, who has assiduously attempted to portray himself as a ‘man of the people’, will tell the business leaders he fears a volte-face by the UK government over Heathrow airport expansion.

Johnson will speechify to the business community his disapproval of the UK governmental decision, which has led to the setting up of an inquiry into airport capacity. The inquiry will consume three years to reach a conclusion on this issue, which has displeased Johnson, who will label this duration as ‘nonsensical.’

The Mayor, overjoyed by the London Olympics triumph, is expected to argue for the acceleration of this inquiry and for increased airport capacity. He will reemphasise his robust opposition to the Heathrow airport expansion. Johnson’s Thursday speech will be delivered at London’s City Hall.

Johnson has stated Britain hadn’t acted on aviation and had been bedevilled by the consequent difficulties instead of acknowledging the aviation opportunities.

Over the weekend, Johnson had met David Cameron for lunch at a pub near Chequers. Johnson labelled that meeting as ‘ruminative’ and ‘fruitful.’

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