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Boris Johnson says David Cameron pretended ignorance over Magna Carta

Written on:September 28, 2023
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David Cameron has travelled to Brazil after his speech at the UNGA in New York

PM David Cameron, who has been ridiculed by certain British political quarters for his participation on The Late Show with David Letterman, has now been jibed at by Mayor Boris Johnson for his ‘Magna Carta’ comment on that very US chat show.

Boris Johnson alleged that Cameron pretended to have no awareness of the meaning of Magna Carta when he was questioned about that legendary document by Letterman, the famous US host, who also queried Cameron about who composed Rule Britannia. Cameron went wrong on the ‘Rule Britannia’ question too.

Johnson, who is a Classics scholar, remarked that Cameron actually knew that Magna Carta meant Great Charter. But Cameron,as per the London Mayor, feigned ignorance over the Magna Carta during the show to display his ‘demotic’ personality as he wanted to seem down-to-earth and not too erudite. Johnson voiced that Cameron desired to show to the UK public that he wasn’t immersed in Latin.

The London Mayor’s latest jibe at David Cameron merely divulges the existential tiff between the two important Conservative leaders. Johnson, who doesn’t hesitate to be publicly critical of Cameron, is considered a rival of Cameron for the post of the Conservative chief.

Cameron, who had participated in the David Letterman program when he was in the US earlier this week to attend the UNGA, has subsequently journeyed to Brazil, the rapidly emerging economy of Latin America. Cameron is scheduled to meet Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff in Brasilia.

Cameron’s agenda in Brazil will involve promoting the British businesses so that they can receive the opportunities to invest in the growing Brazilian economy. Of particular interest to Cameron is the Brazilian energy sector, which, the PM believes, presents a chance to the UK to export its competence in the energy sector. Cameron deems that Britain has gained valuable expertise on account of drilling in the North Sea for 40 years. Brazil has substantial oil reserves.

On Thursday, Cameron went to Sao Paulo with a strong commercial delegation, where he inaugurated a fresh £60m JCB factory.

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