Taxpayers divided over London 2012 Olympics

Written on:April 18, 2023
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People at St Pancras International Rail Station

Is the London Olympics burning a hole in taxpayers' pockets?

A poll has revealed that Brits are divided in their opinion about the impact of the upcoming Olympics, with 64% people saying they have paid heavy taxes to endorse the cost of the Games while 55% of the respondents were hopeful that the Greatest Show on Earth would benefit the country at large.

Published just 100 days before the opening of the London 2012, the poll results revealed that Londoners expressed more favourable opinion of the Games compared to those who lived further away from the capital.

Of the 2,007 respondents, 63% people from the Midlands and the South East, 68% in Wales and the South West England, and 62% in the North complained of having paid too much tax to host the Games. The same view was shared by 69% of the Scottish respondents.

Those who lived in the outskirts of London city agreed that the Games would not benefit their area much. At 16%, Scotland had the least number of people who thought hosting the Olympic would be beneficial for them. 19% people in Wales and the South West voted in favour of the Games while 37% of those living nearer to London said they expect the event to be helpful for their area.

Meanwhile, preparations for the start of London 2012 are in full swing as various events are being held all across London. The floral décor at Kew in the South West is pulling in lots of visitors, sources say.

Chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Sebastian Coe is scheduled to plant an oak tree at the botanic gardens to mark the contribution of the United Kingdom in modern Olympics.

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